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Gaining Reasonable Confidence Course

Reasonable Confidence course

Reasonable Confidence: How To Be Confident, True To Yourself

From Udemy: ‘courses made by experts from around the world.’ From the course site:

“After many decades of dry and obscure laboratory research, the neurosciences are now beginning to bring us real and practical information that we can apply in our everyday lives to increase our levels of happiness, love, productivity and harmony.

“That’s what this course is all about. Practical, easy, reasonable things to do, that make it about as simple as possible to become more confident in everyday life. We hope you enjoy it!”

Dr Mark Rogers & Tom Cassidy

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Instructor: Tom Cassidy – “Internationally Published Author, Thought Engineer, Reasonable Polymath, using algorithms to help people crack the deepest issues of their lives: self-worth, self-belief, goal-achieving, feeling good, achieving sustainable health and deeply fulfilling relationships.”

Mind Mastery: The “13×4 System” – ‘In this video, Tom Cassidy & Angela Loëb discuss the “13×4 System.” It’s a practical way to get more done with minimum willpower.’

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Instructor: Mark Rogers “is a neuroscientist (BSc, PhD) with a passion for understanding how brain science and neuropsychology can give us deep insights into developing ways to improve our lives.”

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The online course:

Lifetime access to 69 lectures
12+ hours of high quality content
A community of 3200+ students learning together!

Visit the course site for more info and to sign up:

Reasonable Confidence: How To Be Confident, True To Yourself



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