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Centerpointe Research Institute mental fitness technology

Centerpointe founder Bill Harris talks about the impact of his company’s technology on improving mental fitness:

Bill Harris“Neurophysiologically, this reorganization in the brain causes the creation of new neural pathways, resulting in communication between parts of the brain that previously were not communicating, or were communicating only a minor amount.

“One of the unique things about Holosync is its ability to create synchronization between the two hemispheres of the brain, over time making this kind of cross-hemispheric communication permanent.

“This increase in communication within the brain leads, over time, to what scientists call whole brain thinking or whole brain functioning.”

From his article How Holosync Works.

Bill Harris is Director of Centerpointe Research Institute, and also a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council started by best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield.

More articles by Bill Harris.

Holosync CD programs to facilitate meditative awareness.

From the Centerpointe Research Institute site :

Did you know that people who meditate everyday are many times happier than those who don’t?They’re also healthier, and live longer.

And, their sense of well-being is much higher than that of non-meditators. In fact, meditators are so much healthier that some insurance companies charge lower premiums for meditators than for the rest of the general population.

CenterpointeMeditators’ minds are also sharper, and their problem-solving abilities are better.

That’s one reason why many high-powered executives, and even CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, meditate.

Did you know that meditators have dramatically better mental health? They have less anxiety, anger, depression, and fear, and they have better human relationships, more friends, and feel much more fulfilled in their lives?

So with all these benefits, why isn’t everyone meditating?

You know why. To get these results, you have to meditate four or five hours a day, often for decades, and few people are willing to do this. And, meditation, especially at first, isn’t much fun.

The initial experience is somewhere between boring and frustrating. Finally, it takes quite a long time to notice any significant results, much less to experience the benefits I just mentioned.

But what if I told you that you could meditate as deeply as a Zen monk, literally at the touch of a button, and do it the very first time, and every time and also make all those happy brain chemicals the first time and every time?

Not only that, within a very short period of time—days or weeks instead of years or decades—you could begin receiving all the benefits I just mentioned—the physical health benefits, the mental health benefits, the clarity-of-mind benefits, the relationship benefits, and the overall sense of well-being benefits.

“I can guarantee you whether you’re a beginner, or whether you’re advanced in that process or practice, [Centerpointe’s] technology is absolutely phenomenal. I personally use it on a daily basis and it has helped me take my personal meditation practice to a whole new height.”
— James Ray, personal growth teacher

More details about the program at the Centerpointe Research Institute site.

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