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Valerie YoungDr. Valerie Young on making life changes:

“More often than not it is our efforts that bring us luck.

“Or, as the great producer and film mogul Sam Goldwyn once said, ‘The harder I work, the luckier I get.’

“Reality shows like American Idol and American Inventor further reinforce the rags to riches dream.

“The idea of instant success is alluring.

“I’m no exception. When I first left my corporate job to strike out on my own, things moved painfully slow – or so it seemed.

“On one particularly discouraging day, I decided to document my progress over the previous year.

“Although no one thing resulted in any major financial success, the list of accomplishments and small successes served as a good reality check. While I was certainly no overnight success, little by little I was making progress.”

From her article What it Takes to be an “Overnight Success”

Changing Course programs

Dr. Young also writes:

“There Is Only One Success – To Be Able to Spend Your Life in Your Own Way.” Christopher Morley

The truth is: You really can find ways to work at something you truly enjoy, to be your own boss, and get paid for it. You can enjoy a life with far greater freedom, flexibility, and balance. I’ve been helping people discover realistic ways to make a living without a job for well over a decade.

I can help you do it… beginning today.

Imagine if you had the kind of life where you roll out of bed in the morning eager to do work you love… Best of all, what if you could take control over of your life and time… decide when and where you work… and make a good living without a job?

You can, you know. I quit my job and you can too!

Hi, my name is Valerie Young and believe me, I’ve been where you are…

Escape from Cubicle Nation-600For seven years, I commuted 90 miles a day to a high-stress job that paid the bills but did not feed my spirit.

I felt like I was living in a Dilbert cartoon, and the demands of work and life left me feeling constantly caught between a “clock and a hard place.”

Every so often I’d launch into job search mode. But was trading cubicles – or inept bosses… or one set of office politics for another – really the solution? Or would I just be trading deck chairs on the Titanic?

“Many People Die With Their Music Still In Them.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

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[Photo from cover of book Escape From Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim.]

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