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BioElectric Shield for EMF Protection


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Health and being sensitive to EMF, or being a highly sensitive person


Take two free questionnaires – EMF Exposure Quiz, and Highly Sensitive Person Quiz on the BioElectric Shield site.

Quote from Elmdea B. about the HSP quiz – “AnnaMariah Nau and Ellen Koronet have put together a well-crafted, comprehensive, and helpful quiz to help people discover if they are highly sensitive and in what areas.”

The EMF Quiz indicates electrosensitivity: “Is your exposure to EMF affecting you? After working at a computer all day, are you exhausted? Do you get headaches or have other physical problems?…”

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Why Highly Sensitive People Need EMF Protection

“Because HSPs are more in-tune with their surroundings and are generally more affected by them, many HSPs find that they also feel the negative effects of EMF more than others.

“In fact, numerous HSPs find that they are also EMSs, or Electromagnetically Sensitive People.

“That means that the EMF risks tend to be greater for HSPs; they tend to feel the physical, mental, and emotional impact of EMF at even higher levels than others do.

“Fortunately, EMF protection can go a long way in reducing stress and anxiety for HSPs.

Read more in article: Why Highly Sensitive People Need EMF Protection


One of many testimonials about using a Shield:


About the BioElectric Shield

From an article on the Shield site:

In the 1980’s, when Dr. Charles Brown, DABCN, (Diplomate American College of Chiropractic Neurologists), the inventor of the Shield, became aware that a certain group of his patients exhibited consistent symptoms of stress and a slower rate of healing that the rest of his patient population.

This group of patients all worked long hours in front of CRT computer screens for many hours a day, and usually 6 days a week.

He began researching the effects of electromagnetic radiation in the literature, and found there were many associated health effects. He wanted to help these patients, and hoped that he could come up with a low-tech, high effect product.

Research: A series of studies was conducted to investigate the possible protection from EMFs (electromagnetic fields) wearing this kind of device.

Happily the studies were consistent in showing that people remained strong when exposed to these frequencies. Without the shield, most people showed measurable weakening in the presence of both EMF’s and stress.

To read multiple research studies, see the BioElectric Shield site.

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Dr. Wayne Dyer endorsed the BioElectric Shield:

“Marcie and I both love our Shields.

“I wear my BioElectric Shield on all flights and I’ve noticed a significant shift in my energy, particularly after long periods of time on airplanes.”

Marcie Dyer: “I absolutely love it. Previously as I was using the cell phone, my hands would get a very uncomfortable tingling sensation.

“When I put on the Shield, I’m protected and I no longer have this feeling. It’s proof of its effectiveness. I believe in them.”

Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D., was an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development.

The author of 30 books, he created numerous audio programs and videos, and appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.

He was an associate professor at St. John’s University in New York.

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The BioElectric Shield.

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