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A new You – how to reinvent yourself

By Anda Tudor

Let’s start with the fundamentals; reinventing yourself is different from meliorating yourself.

Reinventing is not about improvement on the current person that you are, it is a complete 180 degrees, a transformation.

So, when do you know that you really want to reinvent yourself and how do you do it? Read on to find out.

Get rid of preconceived notions- Start with a clean slate, rub everything that you know and think about yourself till now. This is the starting point, even before you know how to go about it you have to have the intention to actually go about it.

Write it down- List down things you want to completely change. Do you want a weight transformation or are you going to go from the angry young man to someone who is calm and composed.

Writing things down give you a better insight, that is why you should describe every point on your list with a relevant scenario. For instance, describe how you would feel when you fit into size smaller clothes, or when your boyfriend stops in track when you come out wearing a hot dress.

Think of smaller tasks that will help you achieve your goal- Everyday tasks go a long way in eradicating and creating new habits, and hence a new you. If you have anger management issues, figure out how you would tackle when you are losing it, are you more comfortable counting backwards or walking away.

It’s okay to fail- You are not going to succeed at every task, there would be slip ups and you would want to forgo the entire idea altogether. It’s okay if you fall down, what’s more important is to get up.

In the words of Dale Carnegie: ‘Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.’

Learn- Why did you fail? Where did you go wrong? Try to learn something from each of your mistakes. In fact, try to learn something from the way your daily task pans out.

Maintain a journal, and write down a daily report of how did you do at the tasks, what did you learn out of it, and has it brought you closer to your goals?

Don’t be let down by criticism- While on your path of reinvention, people would question because they’d be seeing a change in you.

If they criticize, if they don’t get it, that has nothing to do with you. Let it be, and don’t lose sight of the purpose.

If you abort this journey based on criticism, then the failure is on you not those who criticize.

“It’s impossible to be angry or blame other people for problems in your lives, when you say ‘I’m responsible’”

– From the book Reinvention: How to make the rest of your life the best of your life by Brian Tracy.

Anda Tudor
Public Relations Manager


Added image: Anton Ego, the food critic in the movie “Ratatouille” – from article Toxic Criticism and Developing Creativity.


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