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A Proven Cure for Your “Crisis of Meaning”

By Brad Swift

I recently wrote a short article for my new author’s blog (www.wbradfordswift.com) entitled “Life Will NOT be Denied.”

One of the points of the article was that a significant way people take part in this ‘life not being denied’ is through our Self-expression when we get ourselves out of the way enough to allow the true Self (our Divinely Inspired Life Purpose Self) to be expressed.

But what happens when we don’t?

What happens when we suppress the urge to express?

I’ve observed in my own life and with many other people we eventually end up in a ‘crisis of meaning.’

A Major Issue of Our Time

Many people are faced with such a “crisis of meaning” right now.

In fact, according to Danah Zohar, author of SQ – Spiritual Intelligence, The Ultimate Intelligence,  one of the major issues of our time is meaning, or really the lack of meaning and purpose in our lives.

According to Zohar:

Two of the top ten causes of death in the Western world — suicide and alcoholism — are frequently related to this “crisis of meaning.”

But here’s the really insidious part.  Many of us are really talented at ignoring “life trying to express itself” until we end up in such a crisis.  Some of the ways we do this are:

* We stay frenetically busy — doing more and more while enjoying it less and less

* We numb ourselves with addictive behavior like drinking more than we know is good for us, or watching too much TV, or surfing the net for hours, etc.

* We stay busy working on the surface issues without realizing that there’s a deeper source and cause of these recurring problems (even ignoring the quiet, disturbing voice that may wake us up in the middle of the night).

The Purpose Of Life On Purpose Institute

Ann and I are blessed to be sharing the 16th anniversary of Life On Purpose Institute, having officially founded our spiritually-based enterprise in August of 1996. The primary purpose of Life On Purpose Institute is to help enhance people’s lives through purpose.

We exist as an enterprise to help as many people as possible to clarify their life purpose and to then design their life to be a true and authentic reflection of that purpose.

You see, we know that “clarity of purpose” can be an effective cure for the crisis of meaning so many people are facing these days.

It’s also why we invested many hours lovingly creating the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach that now makes it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world to be guided through the proven, systematic, spiritually based Life On Purpose Process and in so doing bring that “clarity of purpose” to their own life…and on their on timeframe and schedule.

[Copyright by Brad Swift. Used with permission.]

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Brad Swift is the Founder and Director of the Life On Purpose Institute, with a mission of advancing “A world where all people live purposeful, passionate and playful lives of service, lives of mindful abundance balanced with simplicity and spiritual serenity.”

• His book: Life on Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life

Life on Purpose – MP3 Audio Download from LearnOutLoud

Life On Purpose main site

Living the Fulfilled Life FREE video series

A Life That Matters Free Video Series – includes an introduction to the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach, a web-based coaching program that allows the user to self-direct themselves along the Purposeful Path using the Life On Purpose Process as their road map and with Brad Swift, the originator of the Process, as their guide.

It is intended to help people:

* Clarify their true, Divinely Inspired Life Purpose once and for all, and in the process,

* Uncover that aspects of themselves that tends to stop them from living a full-blown and authentic life, then

* Provide them with the tools and the means to, over time, design their life to be a true reflection of their purpose.

A testimonial:

Steve Pavlina, author of Personal Development for Smart People has been through the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach. After his experience of the life on purpose process, he wrote this email to Brad Swift:

“I was able to go through your entire video course last week, including all the videos, the workbook, and the bonuses. You really did an outstanding job on this program! I love your step by step process and how you incorporated personal stories.

“Your program even helped me get a clearer sense of my own life purpose as well as my inherited purpose, so it will be easy for me to recommend it. I find it really helpful to think of my purpose in terms of beingness, not just doingness.”

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