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Motivation, Self Improvement and Reaching Goals Leads to Success in Life

By Pam Johnson

People define success in so many various ways. Some feel that success comes with money, and others believe that it appears with love. No matter what your thoughts are on the true definition of success, how can motivation, self improvement and reaching your goals lead to success?

Getting Motivated

One of the biggest problems people have with a project is getting started.

After they have taken the first couple of steps, the rest just becomes a part of their daily routine. Whether you have been wanting to write a novel or to lose a few pounds, just get yourself started on that journey.

You should set small goals for yourself, and you can even reward yourself when those goals are completed. These tools of motivation will help to keep you going.

Improving Your Self

In order to reach your goals and achieve success, you need to figure out what exactly it is that you’re currently doing wrong. Indeed, it is hard to look at the self and criticize, but it’s a necessary part of growth. Try to focus on the specific field in which you want to improve.

For example, let’s say that you want to save a certain amount of money by the end of the year. Make a list of all of your expenses for the week, and see where you can cut costs. You may very well learn that you don’t need that special cup of coffee each day.

Reaching Goals

Even if the goal is small, you will feel a great deal of success. Maybe you will lose half of your target weight in a shorter time than you expected, or you will find a way to save an extra $100 per week.

Whatever the success is, you will have reached a goal. You need to learn to take pride in your goals as well. Do not think of yourself as still having a long way to go.

Think of it as having accomplished part of the goal and having gained the motivation to complete the entire path.

How to Start

Now, as mentioned earlier, getting started is really the most crucial step in this entire process, but it’s often the most difficult.

Aside from setting up prizes and rewards, how can you really motivate yourself?

Well, try to accomplish goals with a friend. For example, going for a three mile run every day is a lot more fun when you have a friend along, and you can encourage one another too.

You might also need help at a more professional level. If negative situations have occurred in your life that constantly tend to bring you down, consider having a conversation with a therapist in order to talk through your feelings and find out how you can feel good again.

All of these steps will absolutely help you to achieve goals and get success. As you are going along the path, you might start to reinvent your definition of success and discover that it can be found in even the smallest of triumphs.

Author Pam Johnson is a therapist who attempts to help patients work toward positive goals. She obtained her degree from one of the Best Therapy Degree Programs.


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