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How to CHANGE one Negative Thought into a Positive

By Ingrid Elfver – a “leading mindset expert, helping women (and highly evolved men) entrepreneurs build their business and brand.”

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Elfver gives an example of making a mistake and having the thought “I’m such a failure” – and she says you can counteract that with a positive thought such as “I’m going to succeed in spite of that.”

One thing that is very helpful about her advice is to target just a single concrete negative thought at a time, not the thousands we have each day.

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Countering negative thoughts is a central part of cognitive behavioral therapy, with a major strategy to become aware of automatic thoughts that are self-limiting or lead to deflated emotions, and then “arguing” or reasoning about those thoughts: “Is it really true I am a failure if I make a mistake?”

There are a number of books to help deal with negative thinking, including The Feeling Good Handbook, by David Burns, one of the prime developers of cognitive therapy.

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