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What You See Is What You Believe

By: Adam Mortimer

Mind is the Master–power that molds and makes, and Man is Mind, and ever more he takes the Tool of Thought, and shaping what he wills, brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills–He thinks in secret and it comes to pass; Environment is but his looking-glass.

This poem illustrates a powerful idea that your mind is molding and shaping your life experience. One example of this would be the example of buying a new car, and then the next day you see similar cars all over the place.

What was it that caused this invasion of cars?

What shifted within you that caused you to see all those cars?

How many things in your life, right now, could you be blind to because of a poor mentality?

Discovering this truth truly unlocks the keys to personal success.

The question then becomes, how can I actively cultivate the correct beliefs that will allow me to see the opportunities that I may be blind to?

The story of the man who found an extra 4000 dollars a month illustrates this quite beautifully.

There was a man that we will call Jared. Jared wanted to be wealthy. He wanted to generate extra income, and to eliminate all of his debts as quickly as possible.

His current belief system blinded him to money making opportunities. All he could see at the end of the month was 400 dollars to implement his debt elimination plan.

He was talking to his wise friend about his goals and about the fact that his plans were moving painfully slow.

His friend, who had a wonderfully cultivated mind, asked him, why not do 4000 dollars a month towards paying off your debts? This was a big shock to Jared’s current belief system, and he looked at his friend like he was crazy.

Jared’s friend invited him to believe in the unbelievable. He told Jared to suspend all disbelief for at least three weeks. Jared agreed to this, and what happened next seemed like magic. Money making ideas began to flood Jared’s mind.

Within 12 weeks, Jared had found a way to accomplish his goal of making an extra 4000 dollars a month. This mind expanding exercise allowed Jared to take his success to the next level.

What are the steps that will allow you to unleash this amazing power of your mind?

Here are the three key steps.

1. Choose a goal that right now you just do not believe

2. Choose to suspend your disbelief on this goal for at least 3 weeks

3. Listen and take action on the ideas that come to you

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Adam Mortimer is an Executive Finance Coach and a Personal Development coach. He has helped people all over the world reach their full potential. Though thinking differently he has helped people achieve rapid results in both spiritual and temporal endeavors.


Image from book: The Secrets of As A Man Thinketh, by Adam H. Mortimer and James Allen.


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